Why Choose Us?

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose a GE Security Pro Dealer:

For Protecting Your Home or Business:

1.  Authorized GE Security Pro Dealers are chosen for their proven history of excellence in professional security system design and installation.
2.  GE Security Pro Dealers are dedicated local companies backed by GE Security – the world-class research, design and manufacturing corporation. GE Security pioneered the development of reliable wireless security systems and created significant innovations in hardware systems.
3.  Only GE Security Pro Dealers can deliver systems and service backed by our guarantee of professional service, design and installation.
4.  There’s a GE Security Pro System for every need:

  • Residential-single family and multi-family
  • Commercial-Small to mid-sized businesses and institutions
  • Intrusion and fire protection
  • Home automation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control

5.  GE Security Pro Dealers consider all key factors when designing a system for your needs:

  • Size and style of your home or business
  • Your security priorities
  • Entry points most vulnerable to security threats
  • Fire safety and environmental monitoring needs
  • Special concerns of family members or employees
  • Presence of children or pets
  • The need for thorough user training

Whether you need to secure your home or business, GE Security Pro Dealers do a thorough review of lighting, landscaping and lock reinforcement. It’s all part of a complete security survey. In contrast, other dealers just count the doors and windows and give you a bid.

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